Food For Thought

Here’s a little food for thought:

After you buy your insurance, if you do nothing more than this, you and your family will be okay:  – Have six months of living expenses stashed in a savings account to help you through life’s inevitable bumps. – Automate your retirement savings and boost your contributions by a percentage point every time you get a raise. (Yes, even if you are the business owner) – Spend mindfully, weighing each purchase against your goals. When you do decide to spend your hard earned cash, favour spending on experiences and people you love over stuff, research suggests that makes you happier. Memories of experiences grow, you can see the growth in those you help. Stuff can simply fade away. Here’s to a rich life for all of you!

Author unknown


It’s short. It’s fleeting. Sometimes it flies, and sometimes it stands still. It catches up with us and passes us by. Sometimes it’s of the essence, and others we’ve got it to spare. Good, bad, wasted and well-spent, it can be passed in sorrow, or in celebration. It slips, it ticks, it heals all wounds and wounds all heels. It waits for no one, and never stops. It’s on our side. It’s our enemy. It’s all we have in this world. You can’t buy more of it, so make the most of it.

Author unknown